Friday, April 20, 2007

Suggestion for a New Pathway to Flexible (?) Superconductive Compound Synthesis/Manufacture

Can the Flexibility Barrier in (High Temperature) Superconducting Materials Be Crossed?...

One might suggest using the procedure described by R. Klajn, K. J. M. Bishop, M. Fialkowski, M. Paszewski, C. J. Campbell, T. P. Gray and Bartosz A. Grzybowski in their SCIENCE magazine report: "Plastic and Moldable Metals by Self-Assembly of Sticky Nanoparticle Aggregates", Vol. 316, Issue 5822, Page 261, 13 April 2007. URL:

A researcher or group may want to look at assembling the high temperature superconducting ceramic material YBaCuO, or other superconducting materials in this process?

It might also be interesting to combine the process with the "Ink Jet Process" for making artificial bone grafts. See URL:

Would it then be possible to form a flexible high temperature superconducting material in any shape through a combination of the two processes? Would this be amenable to mass production? We can't wait to find out.

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